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GreenLife and Patients

GreenLife provides qualified patients the privacy, security, and convenience needed when acquiring recommendations from physician offices or documenting treatment with their primary caregiver. With our revolutionary online verification system, patients will avoid the inconvenience of being denied medication from collectives due to the inability to communicate with the doctors. Our online GreenLife Caregiver software gives caregivers an easy to use data storage and charting tool for the patient’s treatment.

GreenLife Verification

GreenLife provides collectives and delivery services the ability to securely and accurately verify a patient's recommendation online or via automated phone 24 hours a day. With this revolutionary program, collectives practically eliminate the need for verification phone calls to the physician's office saving time and money. GreenLife's Online Verification Site provides a simple and intuitive interface with no login required. GreenLife works in realtime to provide the most accurated and current information available.

GreenLife and Patients at a glance:

  • Assist your physician in preparing the proper medical documentation from start to finish.
  • This process provides the much needed medical record accessibility should any issues of qualification arise.
  • Be verified on the spot 24 hours a day by any collective or other desired party with your unique, professional recommendation both on-line or by automated phone, along with a Law Enforcement Verification Line.
  • Patient information is protected using the strictest security policies and procedures to ensure compliance with HIPAA and other applicable laws.
  • All records are strictly CONFIDENTIAL!