We provide software to streamline your medical marijuana doctor's office.

GreenLife Medical Systems LLC is the leading provider of approval generation and verification system for the medical cannabis industry.  Our mission is to improve the quality of healthcare by leveraging the latest advances in computer cloud based technologies. We have created electronic record solutions specific designed for the medical cannabis community to help bring accountability and standardization in this emerging market.

GreenLife's software applications are designed with the management of cannabis alternative physician practices in mind.  With over 10 years years of experience in the cannabis community, GreenLife Medical Systems has prided itself on being an independent privately held company aiding in the security of your business and patient records.

“GreenLife Medical Systems, LLC holds a unique position in the medical marijuana industry. Relying on the expertise and professionalism they developed through their cutting edge work in the electronic medical records field, they have raised the bar for legal compliance and patient verification in statewide medical marijuana programs. This is a serious company with a real regard for high quality service, integrity, and diligent compliance with government regulations.”
— --Rob Kampia, Executive Director, Marijuana Policy Project