GreenLife provides qualified patients the privacy, security, and convenience needed when acquiring recommendations from physician offices or documenting treatment with their dispensary or delivery service. With our online verification system, patients will avoid the inconvenience of being denied medication from a dispensary or delivery service due to lack of communication with the doctor's office. GreenLife provides dispensary and delivery services the ability to securely and accurately verify a patient's recommendation online or via automated phone 24 hours a day. With this program, dispensary and delivery services practically eliminate the need for verification phone calls to the physician's office saving time and money. GreenLife's Online Verification Site provides a simple and intuitive interface with no login required.

GreenLife works in realtime to provide the most accurate and current information available!

“The Medical Marijuana ID Card program of the State of California is grateful to GreenLife Medical Systems, LLC®, as the industry leader, for ensuring the highest level of compliance with regard to ever-evolving state regulations. I worked closely with GreenLife and was pleased by their efforts, responsiveness and dedication.”
— --Paula Sahleen-Buckingham, Former California Medical Marijuana Program Operations Coordinator